My 1st Attempt at “Backward Mapping”

Here is my example of “Backward Mapping” for the California Common Core State Standard for grade 2, standard number 6: “With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including collaboration with peers” (Common Core State Standards California, 2013). I chose this standard to develop my unit because it will help me in my future teaching career as a second grade teacher as well as be useful to me now as an elementary computer science teacher. I feel that this standard is more relatable to my current experiences so it was easier to wrap my head around the new concept of “backward mapping” that I am currently studying in Teach Now.

In order to teach this concept there are several things that must be addressed. I imagine that this unit would take 3-4 weeks to cover.

I began by thinking about the 3 proficiencies i’d like  my students to develop, then considered 3 assessments I could use to judge their proficiencies by and lastly I considered 3 experiences/learning activities I would use to help them reach these goals. Below is a summary of how this might actually look.

Let’s start with the 3 proficiencies I’d want my  students to develop:

  1. Write a book report (1 week to review)
  2. Use google drive to (1-2 weeks to learn and practice):
    1. Log in
    2. Create a document
    3. Share a document
    4. Type up the written copy of their report
    5. Leave comments on how to improve for peers
  3. Publish their writing in one of 3 ways: to the class blog/school website/share it on class dojo (1 week to learn and practice)

In the first week I would build on a unit I had already taught about writing a book report. We would break into groups of 2-3 and then write out an outline of our book together. After we have created the outline together I will send them home with a simple template for them to fill in to write their book reports. They will turn it in as homework. This will serve as the first assessment that will help me determine if they have understood and mastered this portion of the standard.

In the second and possibly third weeks we would spend time exploring and learning to use google drive. During this time we would practice various ways of using a cloud collaboration site like this. Ultimately I would have my students type out the corrected book report which they turned in as home work into a new google document that they have created. Then I will teach them to share the document with their partner and will teach them how to leave a comment for their friends giving feedback on what they liked about the report and one suggestion for improvement. In this way they will be practicing technology skills that are vital for success in the future (typing and virtual collaboration) as well as social skills (giving constructive feedback and encouragement). This will fulfill the collaborative portion of this standard. In order to assess their proficiency in this area I will have a quiz for them in which they must repeat the process with another written work without me actively instructing them. I will use a grading rubric to assess their proficiency.

In the last week we will discuss publishing work to the web in a variety of means, such as on the school website, a blog, or through class dojo. I will also give a brief lesson on digital citizenship and how to publish information responsibly. Our end goal will be to publish our book reports to the class blog (or other online platform as mentioned previously). To assess this proficiency we will complete a class project where students follow the steps outlined above with a new book and post the project to the blog. They will work in group sof 2-3 to complete this task.

I am afraid that this plan is a little unrealistic. I have never taught a homeroom before where I see students every day, so the timeline may be off. I think that my ideas for how to teach what I would like them to learn are well thought out, but I would love to try out this plan and see how it actually works in real life.


Common Core State Standards California. (2013). CCSS for ELA – content (CA Dept of education). Retrieved from http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/finalelaccssstandards.pdf


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