Formative Assessments

In this post I will be exploring ways to formatively assess my 2nd grade students as we aim to reach our third objective. You can see the full list of my objectives and the standard from which I developed them here.


Objective #3

2nd grade students will be able to log-on to Google Drive and create a new document, type up their book report and share the document with a classmate after two lessons. They will be evaluated in this by completing the same assignment at home but sharing their document with the teacher by the next day as homework.

I felt that this objective was hard to creatively assess. It is very clear and feels like it focuses on the end result. As I considered ways to formatively assess this objective I came up with the following ideas:

  • 1. Entry game of “philosophical chairs.” To start the class the teacher projects this on the board

Choose the correct order:

      1. Log in, share, create new doc, write
      2. Share, log in, write, create new doc
      3. Log in, create new doc, write, share
      4. Create new doc, write, share, log in

Students then go to the corresponding corner of the room to choose the correct order. They will also be called on randomly to explain their rationale for choosing each corner.


I chose this activity as a way to measure their understanding of the processes they need to follow in order to complete the assignment. They should have been walked through it once or twice by this time, so this will be used to test their comprehension of the steps in logical order. It also starts them out with a little movement to  help them focus while sitting in their chairs for the rest of the lesson.


  • 2. Students have already turned in their book report for correction to the teacher. Teacher then returns this report to each student so that they can type it up for this lesson. To assess student progress for typing the teacher will walk around the room and observe each student. If a student gets stuck they will place their hands on the head and wait for the teacher to assist them.

This assessment is much less interactive on the part of the students, but it is necessary for the teacher to observe them individually to see if they are able to type up their reports. The teacher will give gentle feedback with regards to finger placement and keyboarding skills, however this is not the main focus of the lesson. The main focus is to practice seeing their work in typed form and then be able to use the digital format of their work in a future lesson when they learn about publishing their work to the web. Here the students will be able to ask for help by using their bodies.


  • 3. Sharing the document with their friends will be used as their exit ticket

Finally I will use their submission as an exit ticket. It is my understanding that exit tickets are used to determine the student’s understanding of the content. It’s a way for me to assess how well they have typed up their reports and their ability to share the document with their friends. Regardless of if they have finished typing, they will be asked to share their document at the end of the period. Again, if they have an issue they will place their hands on their head and the teacher will come to assist.


As you can see, this lesson is very straight forward. It was hard for me to flesh out other methods of formatively assessing this objective. If you have any other new ideas, please feel free to leave comments below!



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