Formative Assessments

In this post I will be exploring ways to formatively assess my 2nd grade students as we aim to reach our third objective. You can see the full list of my objectives and the standard from which I developed them here.   Objective #3 2nd grade students will be able to log-on to Google Drive … Continue reading Formative Assessments


High Performance Learning Environments: Video Analyses

Video Analyses Academic expectations - do you think the teacher holds high performance expectations for students in each of these scenarios? Why or why not? Roller Coasters - I believe that the teacher in this example does hold high expectations of her students. There are so many layers to her project  -  science, physics, math, … Continue reading High Performance Learning Environments: Video Analyses

Mobile Learning

As a librarian and computer technology teacher of elementary students, I find that incorporating the use mobile devices seems to come pretty naturally in my field. Perhaps there is a difference between specifically using mobile devices and desktop computers in my classrooms, however I think that many of the same principles apply even if the … Continue reading Mobile Learning


I’ve always loved playing games. I have honestly never been a video gamer, but I think a lot of the concepts I’ve learned about in this lesson apply to board games too. When think of “flow” I think of playing my absolute favorite card game: Multiple Solitaire (also called Nertz). When I play this game … Continue reading ~Flow~