Clinical Practice is Finally Starting!    As I sit to consider this next season in life that I'm entering, I am really not sure what to expect. I've been working toward this for the past two years. So many obstacles have prevented me from reaching this milestone it almost doesn't seem like it's really (finally!) happening. I want to… Continue reading Clinical Practice is Finally Starting!


Teacher Evaluations: a Reflection

"The goal [of teacher evaluation] is not to increase teachers' level of effort or to penalize struggling teachers, but to make teaching a fulfilling career and a profession that talented people aspire to enter and master" (The New Teacher Project, 2015) The prospect of being evaluated by someone who is much more skilled than I… Continue reading Teacher Evaluations: a Reflection


High Stakes Assessments

CCS - Private International School, S. Korea vs. FCPCS - Charter School, Arizona Sitting down to write this I find that I am surprised. I am surprised because at the outset of this assignment I had expected one outcome, but found that my stereotype was, in fact (gasp!), wrong. I had been eager to research this… Continue reading High Stakes Assessments


Formative Assessments

In this post I will be exploring ways to formatively assess my 2nd grade students as we aim to reach our third objective. You can see the full list of my objectives and the standard from which I developed them here.   Objective #3 2nd grade students will be able to log-on to Google Drive… Continue reading Formative Assessments


Reflection on Unpacking a Standard

This week’s activities were by far the most challenging for me, and I think this whole program has been quite rigorous!  Why has it been so challenging? I think with my years of teaching experience I have been able to relate the things I have learned with Teach Now to the real life experiences I’ve… Continue reading Reflection on Unpacking a Standard


My 1st Attempt at “Backward Mapping”

Here is my example of “Backward Mapping” for the California Common Core State Standard for grade 2, standard number 6: “With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including collaboration with peers” (Common Core State Standards California, 2013). I chose this standard to develop my unit… Continue reading My 1st Attempt at “Backward Mapping”


Addressing Positive and Negative Behavior in Class

This week I spent time considering how I might reward/reinforce positive student behavior as well as my method of responding to negative behavior and its consequences. I think this exercise will be helpful for me to repeat once I am in my 2nd grade classroom as well. Seeing as I am a librarian and elementary… Continue reading Addressing Positive and Negative Behavior in Class


High Performance Learning Environments: Video Analyses

Video Analyses Academic expectations - do you think the teacher holds high performance expectations for students in each of these scenarios? Why or why not? Roller Coasters - I believe that the teacher in this example does hold high expectations of her students. There are so many layers to her project  -  science, physics, math,… Continue reading High Performance Learning Environments: Video Analyses


Considering my Classroom Climate

Initial Thoughts The topic of classroom climate is a very important one for teachers to address. A positive classroom climate is essential for students to learn, grow and thrive. Although I have been teaching in some capacity for the last 6 years, I must admit I have not spent nearly enough time dedicated to creating… Continue reading Considering my Classroom Climate