High Performance Learning Environments: Video Analyses

Video Analyses Academic expectations - do you think the teacher holds high performance expectations for students in each of these scenarios? Why or why not? Roller Coasters - I believe that the teacher in this example does hold high expectations of her students. There are so many layers to her project  -  science, physics, math, … Continue reading High Performance Learning Environments: Video Analyses

Mobile Learning

As a librarian and computer technology teacher of elementary students, I find that incorporating the use mobile devices seems to come pretty naturally in my field. Perhaps there is a difference between specifically using mobile devices and desktop computers in my classrooms, however I think that many of the same principles apply even if the … Continue reading Mobile Learning


I’ve always loved playing games. I have honestly never been a video gamer, but I think a lot of the concepts I’ve learned about in this lesson apply to board games too. When think of “flow” I think of playing my absolute favorite card game: Multiple Solitaire (also called Nertz). When I play this game … Continue reading ~Flow~